Spectacles 2024 / Shows 2024

Série de spectacles à Mont-Carmel
Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series

7 juillet / July 7
14 juillet / July 14
21 juillet / July 21
28 juillet / July 28
4 août / August 4
11 août / August 11
18 août / August 18
25 août / August 25


Chaque spectacle débute à 19 h.  Les spectacles ont lieu à la salle paroissiale de Mont-Carmel.



Each show starts at 7 p.m.  Shows are taking place at the Mont-Carmel Parish Hall.

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What performers are saying...

Hands down, the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series is THE happening place on PEI.


 - Louise Arsenault, Gadelle (PE)





The long drive to the western end of PEI is well worth it to play music for the beautiful people of Mont-Carmel. The Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series is a beautifully-organized & ever-growing event that just gets better every year. I always look forward to it! Not in any other venue on PEI will you find such an enthusiastic audience. It's a great place to practice my French too!


– Meaghan Blanchard, Singer/Songwriter (PE)





The audiences in Mont-Carmel are always engaged and receptive, which makes the Mont-Carmel Concert Series a wonderful place to play. Not only do they love traditional music, they're also open to hearing new artists in different genres.  The programming is done exceptionally well and allows the audience to experience a range of entertainment all in one evening, introducing people to artists that they may have never heard before. When I played there in 2016, I had wonderful conversations after the show with audience members who had heard my music for the first time. The atmosphere of the concert series allows musicians to create a genuine rapport with the audience, and as a performer, that is invaluable.


- Cynthia MacLeod, Musician (PE)





The Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series helped us reach a brand new audience on the Island. The diverse musical evening was a stunning example of an Artist-Friendly & Community-Focused Event at its finest!


- Christina Martin, Singer/Songwriter (NS)





I have been hearing about the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series for a while now. I was thrilled to be asked to perform this year and it lived up to my expectations. The organizers have built an incredible concert series with a very enthusiastic and loyal audience who clearly love and appreciate music and culture.  Thank you to Christian Gallant and the organizers for inviting me to perform.


- Dylan Menzie, Singer/Songwriter (PE)





I had a wonderful time at the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series. I performed to a room of about 200 locals and tourists who spoke to me in detail about my performance afterward and purchased CDs. As a touring artist who has played on PEI before, it was my first time visiting that part of the island, which was a direct result of this concert series booking. I will definitely encourage other visitors to make their way to the Mont- Carmel area, as it is quite a beautiful and unique part of PEI.


- Ian Foster, Singer/Songwriter (NL)





The Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series was one of the highlights of our Atlantic Canada tour. It is professional, well-organized, and welcoming concert series like this one that keeps us returning to PEI. In the small town of Mont-Carmel, this series attracted not only locals, but tourists from all over Canada and abroad. We played to a full house of appreciate, attentive, and music-loving people.


- Jane Carmichael & Kevin Kennedy, The Marrieds (ON)





Performing during the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series was a delight! Between the audience's enthusiasm, the kindness and efficiency of our hosts and the diversity of styles and languages in one evening, we truly had a lovely time. I really look forward to going back to this jam-packed venue!


- Cat Bowring, Singer/Songwriter (NL)





Within seconds of pulling into Mont-Carmel for sound check, I had two offers from strangers to help me unload my gear. From there, the night just got more and more awesome. From the professional sound technicians to the friendly audience putting up with my terrible French, the night was one of my favourite shows of the summer.  Christian Gallant has a great handle on what his audience wants and curates an eclectic night of music that both satisfies the Acadian music buffs and introduces the community to new sounds. I was overjoyed to be included in the series!  


- Ian Sherwood, Singer/Songwriter (NS) 





I've participated in activities organized by the Coopérative de développement culturel et patrimonial de Mont-Carmel for the last two years.  The first was in 2015 as part of the line-up in the Grand Ruisseau Song Festival and then in 2016 during the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series. It's a pleasure to be a part of such well-organized events.  All those involved are true professionals and the audience is very supportive...I hope to return in the future!


- Jill Chandler, Singer/Songwriter (PE)





The Mont-Carmel Summer Series was delightful in every way to say the least!  The audience was so supportive, involved and appreciative...an entertainers dream!  It truly showed the bond that this great community has with arts and culture.  The Concert Series was one of my favorite shows this year and I hope that it continues for many more years to come!


- Peggy Clinton, Singer/Songwriter (PE)





I was thrilled to be asked to play in The Mont-Carmel Concert Series and it lived up to my expectations.  A capacity crowd of engaged locals made my experience a fantastic one.  I could also see how this event brings the community together and creates stronger bonds that last a lifetime.


- Keith Mullins, Singer/Songwriter (NS)





The Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series is, quite honestly, a pearl among the riches of Prince Edward Island. The series and its organizers grandly succeed at showcasing the proud Acadian culture of the region as well as featuring other distinguished artists that, together, highlight the world-class talent here in the Maritimes. On top of this, Christian Gallant and his team understand the value of thinking forward, ensuring the series also gives the artists of tomorrow the opportunity to shine, thus, building stronger ties within the community and beyond.


Having had the pleasure of performing during the 2015 season, I witnessed first hand the importance of the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series and its impact on the region, especially its significant value to the tourism industry. The venue was filled near capacity with music lovers from the community and across Atlantic Canada as well as tourists from Ontario.


In an economy where delivering high-quality art (live performance, visual or other mediums) is increasingly difficult, the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series stands out as a community leader and justly deserves its recognition and financial support.


– Charlie A’Court, Singer/Songwriter (NS)





We were so honoured to be invited to return to the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series this past summer! The audiences at these concerts are among the best we have ever played for; their energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the music makes them an absolute treat to entertain. The venue is absolutely perfect, intimate but with a fantastic stage that you can't help but dance your heart out on. We would play there every night if we could!


- Cassie & Maggie MacDonald, Group (NS)





It was our pleasure to perform during the incredible Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series for the second time this summer. Mont-Carmel is a tiny community with a huge heart and a deep appreciation of music and culture. This series is treasured by locals and tourists who return year after year.


 - Amy & Rachel Beck, Group (PE)





Red Moon Road had an extremely enjoyable show during the Mont-Carmel  Summer Concert Series this summer.  The excitement of showing up in such a picturesque location was tempered when we realized our banjo had been damaged since our last gig.  The staff sprang into action and phone calls were being made within moments.  A banjo secured, we were delighted as the hall filled up with excited and cultured concert goers.  A professional sound crew, an affable and witty host, and a wonderful headliner of highly-skilled locals all made for the ideal kind of gig, one you hope to get asked to do again. Many thanks for a top-notch night.


- Red Moon Road, Band (MB)





The Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series was one of the highlights of my summer! Hosted by a warm and welcoming community, we felt right at home. These types of concerts and venues are so important for touring musicians as it allows us to connect with new and old audiences in a more intimate, close setting, which creates a unique and magical evening.


– Samantha Robichaud, Musician (NB)





My experience at the Mont-Carmel Summer Series was truly amazing. The audience was joyful, appreciative, and just wonderful! It is a very special experience when an entire community comes to your show and is truly grateful that you have come to play music for them. It's what art and culture is all about and this Concert Series does it right!  This was without a doubt one of my favorite shows of the year!


– Alex Madsen, Artist & member of The Divorcees (NB)





As part of the Atlantic Fiddlers' Jamboree, I performed during the closing concert of this event, which took place as part of the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series in beautiful Mont-Carmel with guitarist Seth Peters to a very enthusiastic sold-out audience.  It was a very enjoyable evening and I hope I can one day return to their stage. It was an absolute pleasure!


- Kendra MacGillivray, Artist (PE)





I had a great time playing at the Mont-Carmel Summer Concert Series. It's a great thing they've got going there, the community really comes out. All ages from 8 months old to 88 years old. A lovely crowd to play for …


- Michael Jerome Browne, Artist (QC)





Un gros merci aux organisateurs et au public lors de notre prestation dans le cadre de la série de spectacles à Mont-Carmel.  Stephen et moi, nous avons ressentis votre chaleur!  C’est tellement important d’offrir des activités culturelles dans nos communautés francophones.  Quelle belle initiative cette série de spectacles!


- Roland Gauvin, chanteur (NB)





François et moi étions heureux de faire partie de la programmation 2016 à Mont-Carmel ! Présenter un spectacle dans une communauté riche en culture et en musique comme celle-là, c’est un beau cadeau!  Les spectateurs étaient tellement chaleureux et toute l’équipe nous a réservé un accueil à la hauteur de la gentillesse des gens de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard !  Bravo aux organisateurs qui ont concocté une programmation variée et fort intéressante - c’était un privilège pour nous d’en faire partie !


- Monique Poirier et François Émond, duo (NB)





Quel accueil chaleureux.  Quand on va l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard pour la série de spectacles à Mont-Carmel, on se sent comme on fait partie de la famille!


- George Belliveau, chanteur (NB)





Chiquésa s’est réuni tout spécialement cet été (2016) pour deux spectacles, même si notre groupe musical n’existe plus depuis plusieurs années. Ce fut un plaisir d’être accueillies si chaleureusement par une salle de spectacle dans notre propre communauté, et surtout une salle qui s’épanouit de façon importante dans la région Évangéline lors de chaque saison estivale.  Par leur programmation diverse, cette Coopérative sait créer des expériences mémorables pour ses audiences, qui peuvent alors apprécier des artistes locaux autant que de l’extérieur sans être obligées de se déplacer dans les centres urbains.


- Tanya Gallant, membre du groupe Chiquésa (PE)





C’est toujours un plaisir de se présenter pendant la série de spectacles à Mont-Carmel.  Le fait qu’il n’y a pas d’arrière-scène à la salle est génial car, comme artiste, on se sent comme si on faisait partie de l’audience.  C’est un atmosphère confortable.  Les spectateurs sont accueillants, sincères et chaleureux.  L’énergie de la part des spectateurs pendant cette série de spectacles est sans pareille et, cette énergie-là nous est transmise sur l’estrade. C’est magnifique! En espérant que cette série de spectacles va continuer pour bien des années!


- Helen Bergeron, membre du groupe Gadelle (PE)





J'étais tellement touchée par le support et la générosité de tout le monde impliqué dans la série de spectacles à Mont-Carmel! Les gens ont la musique dans le sang et je suis très choyée de faire partie de cette belle communauté acadienne!


- Joseé Boudreau, chanteuse (PE)





Nous sommes extrêmement chanceux d’avoir cette série de spectacles à Mont-Carmel.  C’est toujours le fun d’avoir la chance de se présenter sur scène à chaque année pour des spectateurs qui ont un si grand amour pour la musique!  Les gens locaux sont tellement fiers et ils offrent un énorme appui à cette série de spectacles et à tous les artistes (locaux et de l’extérieur).  La chaleur et l’accueil des Acadiens et des insulaires sont ressentis dès le moment qu’ouvrent les portes au grand public!


- Caroline Bernard, membre du groupe Gadelle (PE)





Une salle accueillante, des organisateurs attentionnés et un public chaleureux.  Tout ce qu'un artiste peut rêver d'avoir... Merci à toute votre équipe!


- Alice Bérubé, membre du groupe Imagine! (PE)





C'est toujours un honneur et un plaisir de se présenter en spectacle à la salle paroissiale de Mont-Carmel durant la série de spectacles estivale. Les spectateurs nous font sentir très appréciés et l'organisation est excellente.  C'est notre salle de spectacle favorite pour se présenter en spectacle.


- Albert Arsenault, chanteur (PE)

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